Let’s Talk About Lemonade


When Beyoncé surprise released her self-titled album back in 2013 the world did indeed stop, and many wondered how and if she could top herself. Well since then Beyoncé fans and the world have seen the surprise release of Formation, followed by (another) Superbowl performance, and the Formation World Tour announcement (the tour is set to start this week). Finally culminating in the release of her latest album Lemonade. While her self-titled 2013 album let us inside the bedrooms, limousines, and kitchens the Carters’ occupied (and gave us some anthems that made us think, shout out to Pretty Hurts), Lemonade let’s us see inside of her marriage in a different way. Here we get to see the struggles, the good and the bad. Here the Beyoncé characterized as aloof, shows us that she is anything but. Addressing her relationships with her husband, her father, black womanhood, and so much more. I invite even the staunchest non-Beyoncé fan to give this album (and the visual film that comes along with it) a try.

– “I was served lemons but I made lemonade”




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