The Protege Steps Up

Spider-Man Miles Morales brings us back into the Sony Spider-man video game universe. As the name of the game implies this game is really focused on fleshing out the character of Miles. We get more time with him, his family/friends, and his new powers as Peter Parker heads off on a “working vacation” with MJ.

The story is a classic super powerful rich dude/company with a nice public front is actually very shady behind the scenes and doing things that will cause harm to Miles’ new home of Harlem. And so Miles’ new powers will thankfully come in very handily as he deals with both an “evil” corporation and new high tech criminal group which also has its’ sights set on taking down the company (among other things).

Story (shorter but sweet)
Miles’ powers (super cool and help separate him from Peter Parker)
New gadgets

Rating: 8.5/10

Played on PS4.

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