Spider-Man: Silver Lining

All good things must come to an end as they say. Part 3 of the Spider-Man: City That Never Sleeps DLC, titled Silver Lining is a wild ride and interesting send off for the Spider-Man (PS4) game.

As it’s namesake would suggest Silver Sable is back in the city. And she is there for pretty much one thing, finding and stopping Hammerhead from stealing/using her tech that was left behind so that she can use it to help her home country. The team up between the two is definitely very fun to play and watch throughout the story. Together they team up to finally take down Hammerhead thanks to some information from *spoiler* Black Cat who (surprise!) is still alive. The boss battle is actually very fun, and changes things up from what we saw in the main campaign (and even the last Hammerhead boss battle).

While the story itself is fairly short there are side missions that have some far reaching implications for where the story might go. The bases of course make a return this time though you are helping a Silver Sable employee recover stolen humanitarian supplies that were bound for their home country of Symkaria. There’s a nice wrap up there once you complete all the bases and help the man with his goals (with some assistance from MJ). The collectible mission which sends you around the city looking for tape recorders follows up on Yuri Watanabe and what she’s been up to. This is one of the pieces that will definitely affect the larger story to come in the Spider-Man 2 game that is surely being made. At the end of the campaign we also get to see Peter bringing Miles more into the fold, which of course lends credence to the idea he’ll have an even bigger role in the sequel.

Silver Lining was a great conclusion to this 3 part DLC and leaves me wanting the sequel even more than the main campaign did.

Silver Sable team up
Fleshes out the side characters (Miles, Yuri, Silver Sable, etc.)
Black Cat is alive! (Though did we really think she was dead)
Side missions had important implications for the future


I give it an 8/10.

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