Spider-Man: Silver Lining

All good things must come to an end as they say. Part 3 of the Spider-Man: City That Never Sleeps DLC, titled Silver Lining is a wild ride and interesting send off for the Spider-Man (PS4) game.

As it’s namesake would suggest Silver Sable is back in the city. And she is there for pretty much one thing, finding and stopping Hammerhead from stealing/using her tech that was left behind so that she can use it to help her home country. The team up between the two is definitely very fun to play and watch throughout the story. Together they team up to finally take down Hammerhead thanks to some information from *spoiler* Black Cat who (surprise!) is still alive. The boss battle is actually very fun, and changes things up from what we saw in the main campaign (and even the last Hammerhead boss battle).

While the story itself is fairly short there are side missions that have some far reaching implications for where the story might go. The bases of course make a return this time though you are helping a Silver Sable employee recover stolen humanitarian supplies that were bound for their home country of Symkaria. There’s a nice wrap up there once you complete all the bases and help the man with his goals (with some assistance from MJ). The collectible mission which sends you around the city looking for tape recorders follows up on Yuri Watanabe and what she’s been up to. This is one of the pieces that will definitely affect the larger story to come in the Spider-Man 2 game that is surely being made. At the end of the campaign we also get to see Peter bringing Miles more into the fold, which of course lends credence to the idea he’ll have an even bigger role in the sequel.

Silver Lining was a great conclusion to this 3 part DLC and leaves me wanting the sequel even more than the main campaign did.

Silver Sable team up
Fleshes out the side characters (Miles, Yuri, Silver Sable, etc.)
Black Cat is alive! (Though did we really think she was dead)
Side missions had important implications for the future


I give it an 8/10.


Spider-Man: Turf Wars

Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC picks up where the last one left us. It’s still more of the same, which isn’t to say that it is bad just a little less exciting.

Screwball is still around. And this time you have optional Hammerhead Fronts to take down (basically the Demon Hideouts from the main game). Be prepared for a random difficulty spike in the Fronts compared to the rest of the game.

The story of this episode has us working with Captain Yuri Watanabe (who becomes a more fleshed out character) going up against crime boss Hammerhead as he attempts to consolidate his hold on the Maggia crime family and return them to former glory. There’s a lot more action in this story and we once again get a new enemy type. Hammerhead has equipped some mob guys with left behind Sable tech including jet packs and energy shields making for quite a few hectic fights. All this leads to an intense final battle which leaves us with another interesting ending.

I’m not quite sure what the last DLC episode will entail but I’m excited to see what happens.

Darker story

Random difficulty spike in Hammerhead Fronts

I give it a 7/10.

Spider-Man: The Heist

The first of 3 post-game DLC planned for Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) is a short but (mostly) sweet swing back into the wonderful world of the game.

In the DLC you get to chase after and sometimes partner up with fan favorite the Black Cat.  The main crux of the story which is about 3 hours total, is quite literally it’s namesake a heist perpetrated by Black Cat for reasons that Spider-man has to figure out. Throughout the story you’ll get to learn more about their backstory, and there’s definitely some interesting toying with our expectations. There’s also a side story that adds some more depth to a character which I won’t spoil here.

While Black Cat is the breakout star of this DLC, MJ makes an appearance along with the return of wacky adversary Screwball, and some nice short convos with Miles Morales. While I wish the DLC was longer I guess it’s a good thing to leave us wanting more, and I’m interested to see how if it all the next DLC episodes deal with where we left off.


Black Cat!
A new enemy faction
Cool, if somewhat predictable side story



I give it a 8/10.

Swingin’ Round The City

Let me start out from the jump saying that Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) is a blast! In this game we get to play an older (though still in his 20s) Spider-Man, one who has years of experience under his belt. Along with already established relationships with many of his most iconic villains. The game clocks in roughly around 16 or so hours, leaving loads more time for exploring, side missions, etc.

Spider-man (PS4) is a great trip into the worlds of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. There are some side missions that help to flush out the world, and some welcome inclusions of characters you may not know much about if you aren’t a huge comic book fan. The New York City of the game feels very much alive, and it feels great to just swing around before diving into helping some citizens, beat up on some criminals, or completing a mission to advance the story. While the pacing of the story could use a little work, the villains and Spider-Man/Peter’s relationships with them are the highlight of this game.

Good story
Swinging around feels spectacular
Multiple gadgets, showing off Spider-man’s scientific side
Multiple ways to take down enemies (stealthy, straight on, setting traps)/expansive skill tree

Some story pacing issues


Overall a great game (one with it’s own “after credits” scene which I won’t spoil for you). I eagerly await the inevitable sequel.

I give it a 9/10.