Mad World

A world of mirrors
The truth is hidden from all
And time heals nothing


Same Old Love

I keep going back to you
And pushing you away

Why do I do this

Is it your fault or mine

Will there be a time when we get it right
I really don’t want to have this fight

You can get mad at me, but I can’t at you

But who made that rule

When I’m the only one forcing myself to follow it

The cycle only ends when we both agree to stop it

But for now I guess

We’ll keep each other in our back pockets


Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree…

I dream of you
But do you do the same

It’s been so long
I’m not sure why you’re back again

Since you don’t respond in real life
I guess that’s how you ended up here

Do these dreams reveal how I really feel
Or are they just leftovers from when real feelings were there
If so then there’s a part of my psyche I still have to heal