If people always only want one thing from you

Is it because of the community you're a part of
Is it the type of people you attract
And if that's the case
Is it because of the type of person you are

Should you accept your "fate"
Or try to change

And is there anything wrong with you if you don't



I’ve known I was black as far as I can remember

That may not be a good marker though,

since I can’t really remember stuff before age 5


I can tell you though that my younger sister

For the longest time

Thought our light-skin grandmother (mother’s side)

was white


I can also tell you

That I’ve never had any negative feelings toward another race,

or people of a different economic status for that matter


Now whether people have felt that way about me

I couldn’t tell you

But, I do know it wasn’t until middle school

that I started knowing labels given to black people


What “we” were supposed to act like

We were supposed to be loud, not able to listen,

and disrespectful


We were supposed to be ghetto,

Good at sports (basketball in particular),

Not very intelligent,

and criminals


Now I don’t want you thinking it’s all other races who say this

We say it about ourselves, to each other

how crazy is that


Intelligence, that’s another thing we’re reported not to have

Well, I for one think I share the belief with others of my race

That we are just as intelligent as any other,

and given the chance can be just as successful


Now, you might think me meeting former President George W. Bush Jr.

Might have given me a first glance at feeling “different”,

realizing we aren’t all the “same”, but no


I was probably too young at that time to notice,

My revelation, or experiencing “otherness”

Came from a program designed to help make me successful, People to People

designed to help future leaders


Although in 8th grade and obviously knowing differences between white

And black or any other race I had never really…

felt out of place until that weeklong event in D.C


If you look at the picture we took you’ll know why

4 black kids out of the 200+ amount of students

Kind of discouraging, wouldn’t ya say

but, being the person I am I had fun regardless of course


I guess that you know no matter what label you’re put under

black, White

Rich, poor

Whether you come from a culture of dancers, or Doctors

rappers, or Writers

You are who you want to be

And can still represent yourself

Not always tied down to your

Racial, economic, and cultural


Ex in the City (or at least the DM)?

There is usually a reason that someone is an ex right?

Sometimes things end on good terms, and sometimes they don’t. Either way the fact remains that they are an ex.

So when an ex, hits you up what does “etiquette” ask us to do? Is there an actual set of rules on how to deal with an ex?

If it’s a “clean” breakup are we required to respond, and if it’s a messy one are we right to ignore it?

Does ignoring show a sign of weakness or maturity?

Is there an obligation to see what it is that they want, or is cutting off all communication the best way to go?

Should things like this be discussed immediately after the break up?

What experience tells us is that the answers to these questions depend on not only the messiness or cleanliness of the breakup but your psyche and where you are emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically in relation to that person/relationship.

In the end the only person who can answer these questions is you. You may want to rely on friends but ultimately the decision is yours, and in that way you take ownership of the consequences good, bad, confusing, and ugly.