Why couldn’t you

Was I not enough


I don’t think I even knew I wanted to be yours

Yet now you’re gone


We spent far too few times together

But who’s fault was that?


You came into my life whenever you wanted

But part of me enjoyed that

Part of me wanted more


I was surprised the last time you reached out

And we actually chatted so much it surprised me

And you were surprised at my surprise


I told you I wanted to be there for you

Help you get away


Sadly I wasn’t quick enough

And now you’re gone for good


I wish you hadn’t told me your plans for us

Cuz now I look back and just think…




Sometimes I wish things would have been different

And now I’m not sure things could have been any other way with us


Maybe in another universe we both kept out of trouble

And I wouldn’t be wishing you were here


But you weren’t mine to keep

And you couldn’t stay


So now I can only say

Goodbye babe





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