You know how I feel, and you never respond. Yet I keep reaching out. This is very…

Assist me in
Rejecting my dumb





Caution please

Do not enter here

This man you follow
Is what you fear

You’re walking in to this avoidable trap

And you can’t see
What it is he lacks

You’ve been down this same path before

You know exactly what’s in store

And so this warning
It comes too late

You already know
What awaits

But hear me out
It’s your last chance

Stop, turn around, move away fast

If you go down this path my friend

You’ll never be the same again



How did things get to be so

Not just the ruffled sheets

But the ruffled feathers

Of those who know that we’re together

But those few

The ones that you’re still connected to

Make this thing a lot more than I’m used to

So tonight after you’ve gone and I clean up this room

Should this mess that I’m fixing

Include getting rid of you




Can’t have what you want

But that’s not really true

You want two things

Two things that are complete opposites

To please one part of yourself

Is to deny the other

Will you continue to torture yourself

Or will you make a choice

Can you make that choice

If 25 years is any indication I’d say no

But then again, making no choice

Is a choice in and of itself

Are you trapped to always deny part of you

Or are you bold enough to have your cake and eat it too

via Daily Prompt: Deny